WW Week 3: De-Clutter and Stillness

The best way to feel the feelings is just going through it. Yes physically I can still feel the anger yet I feel at peace around it. I am not fighting it or numbing it out with food or mindless spending. I have been struggling with some major IBS pain in my butt literally.  i guess this was the final straw to remind me that I need to slow down.

I made a commitment this week that a day at a time, I am only going to do the things that I absolutely need to do (going to work, eating 3 meals a day), and then only the things that restores me to sanity.

For me this week meant a lot of work. I also got to take a few days to spend time with Phyllis, having my friends over for manifestation ceremony and spending most of my weekend decluttering. Most importantly I did absolutely nothing.

in terms of WW food plan, I tracked and planned most of my meals with the exception on Saturday. I pretty much cooked the majority of my meals at home which feels so nice. I did have a couple of glasses of wine on Saturday but other than that its just been a lot of fresh food. Like i said in the beginning of the post, my IBS issues haven’t been so much fun lately.

I did get weight in and the pound that I “lost” last week, I gained it this week. However since most of my system is pretty much full of gas (I know TMI) I know it might be screwed. I got weighted on Friday by the doctor and based on that I had lost a couple of more pounds.

Speaking on Dr.. I am now waiting to hear back my results regarding my Thyroid performance, which might explain the weight stuff. The joys of self-care.

Source: oprah.com via Peggy on Pinterest


I want to finish with gratitude:

  • I am grateful for my large and small intestines for doing the work
  • I am grateful for health insurance
  • I am grateful for my new gastro Dr. who is often features in the Today Show. She is really nice :) and she is in my network
  • I am grateful for my friends, blends, and my family
  • I am grateful for both of my roommates- I finally lucked out!
  • I am grateful to be in a place in my life that I can feel safe to feel it all
  • I am grateful to be in a place of acceptance
  • I am grateful that I want more in my life
  • I am grateful for expansion
  • I am grateful for all of my friends who had experience, strength and hope around colonoscopy. It’s happening and although I am not looking forward, I know this is a necessary step to face in my physical recovery.

I want to hear from you, what are some of the things that you are grateful for?