WW Week 1: All About Abundance

What! You just started a diet? You know it’s time to deprive yourself from going out, start eating those  frozen meals, and packaged items?

My reality is for today I chose not to do any of the items above and I still lost weight. You know what I did? I chose the abundance route and what a difference it can make. The lack of deprivation might mean that this is the type of lifestyle that I can continue to adopt in my every day life.

Abundant Veggies

From fresh beet juices Terri and  Liquiteria, I made a point to at least drink a few fresh juices per week. They are great way to get nutrients into my body.  I also made a point to have at least veggie in each of my meals.


I still attended my 12 step meetings, worked a 10th step on a regular basis, and prayed with my manifestation partner at least once last week. I was restored to sanity, being able to acknowledge when my head goes spinning and just being able to share it honestly to others. I am reminded that the key to my recovery is a spiritual foundation where WW becomes just another tool in my arsenal of recovery. In the past, I made my food plan my God, how I ruled my world and life.  That is no longer the case.

Working Out- Back to Basics

#Flyzone #jilltpalmer

I love barre. You know it! But sometimes I just need the good old workout affirmations out loud kind of workout. I did the Fly Zone on Tuesday night which was fun!!!  I tried an awesome workout at Work It Out Gym in Hoboken called “Show off” that was a killer thighs, glutes and leg workout. I have to say I am still feeling it! Yesterday, I was proud to serve as a brand ambassador for Shrink Sessions at Pamper Me Fabulous Events.  It was so much fun! Great reminder that this is my time, I am enough, I have enough, I do enough. Really affirmations while shaking your body makes a world of a difference#Shrinksessions

Return of the Food Plan and Food Journal

I practiced it 4 days out of 7. I learned that I need to schedule a Friday meeting just to remind myself to be accountable. I love this slogan “if you failed to plan, you plan to fail.”   The sanity that comes from writing down my meals beforehand is amazing.  I used to do this practice on a consistent basis for 3 years and I have to say this is where the magic occurs.  It’s all about being mindful and making the best choices for me.

Fun Dates!

#joyfulshimmy #lincoln center nyc

From going to see the NYCB (Ballet) at Lincoln Center and drinking a glass of champagne (no regrets!) to taking myself out on a hotdate to see Pitch Perfect. It was a weekend full of self-care and fun. Yes I did my laundry, changed my sheets but I also had a few fun dance breaks, watch some awesome addicting tv such as Homeland.

 There you have it- you can lose weight while still living in abundance! Slow and steady wins the race for sure!