Workout Class Review: Yoga for the Single Girl

A few weeks ago, I decided to take the plunge and head to Brooklyn for this 2 hour workshop called Yoga for the Single Girl.

The class was held in a cute Cobble Hill yoga studio called Mala Yoga.  This was simple, no frills studio with AC which was much needed as we have been in the middle of a heatwave.  Class was led by Daniella  who is this loving, joyful yogi. She is your quintessential hip, young, fun loving girl who likes to do some asanas and then have a couple of drinks afterwards. Yup she is my kinda girl!

Source: The Inside Voice

About the Class:

It was a 2 hour workshop that included introductions and personal shares, a good amount on the mat, some yummy loving meditations, quick journaling, and then drinks and dinner afterwards at a nice Brooklyn spot.

What I love about the class?

  • I was able to meet the other participants. Oftentimes, when you take a new fitness class its more focus on the class than going around and doing intro’s.  Yes I would like to sweat but I also would love to make a new friend or two. It’s great for future accountability.
  • It was challenging yet do-able. I was able to really focus my intentions from my head into the mat
  • Meditation was yummy. I was able to tune into my thoughts and being able to surrender.
  • I made a couple of new friends which was super nice!


Not really. I absolutely loved the class and the space that it created in my life.

Important Insights:

I have been struggling with this idea that I am single and I hate to do the online dating stuff. I realized that its ok. For today, I can focus on expanding my circle of friends, meeting new people, trying new activities, to really be present in the now. For so long, I have been waiting to start living until I lost the weight or find the right guy, or engagement ring. Guess what? That is not a fun way to be living. Needless to say I will continue to try new things and invite you to be part of this journey with me.

Overall Thoughts of this Experience:

For the cost of $25, I not only discovered a gentle, loving yoga teacher, made a couple of new friends and well was reminded how important is to have fun in this quest of finding love.