Workout Class Review: Qoya

A few weeks  ago,  I put together a meetup to try a new class in NYC. The class was lead by my mentor, Body Love/Seductress guru Miss Kitty Cavalier.  It was a packed house full of movement and love.

What is Qoya? The way I can describe it is a feminine yoga movement that mixes dance and other sensual movements. The class combines asanas with then free dance. It is all about what feels good in your body. The class had the right mix of music, meditation and rose petals in your mat. We sang out loud to “Like a Prayer” and dance around like nobody was watching!

Here are the things that I like about the class:

  • Music Selection from the perfect Yoga/meditation music to ease your body to movement to the grand finale of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” it was a fantastic selection.
  • Rose petals in your yoga mat = perfect feminine touch
  • Laughter and joy around the room.
  • Mirrorless room actually was great for movement because it focus on the process inward as opposed to the outside compare and despair.

The only thing I would change is that the class needs a bigger space. This is a super popular class which is fantastic as it’s only been around just a month or so. The numbers are continuing to grow.

Qoya with Kitty takes place every Tuesday from 7-8pm in the Yoga Collective (135 West 29th Street #603  New York, NY 10001). Classes are $20, however there are discounts available for multiple class passes.