Workout Class Review: Deep EXtreme

First off, exciting news for downtown NYCer fitness junkies Refine is opening a Union Square studio. I am beyond giddy. This was a total body workout that challenge every part of my system.  I loved it but it was hike all the way to the UES for class.  Typically the farther I go uptown is Chelsea for an evening workout class.  On the weekends, yes I may venture out uptown but its not always the case.

Back to the workout class review,  last night I ended up hitting the gym for a new Equinox class  taught by one of my favorite instructors in the city.  I had no idea what to expect from the class other than I was guarantee a sweat.

Deep Extreme- Workout Info

Equinox Class Description: “The training of the future. A blend of body and mind manifested as freedom of motion, this evolution of Robert Steinbachers’s bodyArt class fluidly combines Cardio Interval Training and whole body strengthening through an innovative sequence using percussion, repetitive motion, and release.”

FYI: Here is info about bodyArt classes.

A little bit of the class, we only needed a yoga mat and just barefeet to fully experienced the class.   When I asked Erika what to expect she said its going to be a total body workout where it will at times feels dancy but its a challenging class.  I knew I was in a for a good surprise!

The class consisted of a mix of yoga, core strengthening movements (think lot’s of planks, tricep pushups),  some dance as  part of the release.

Here are my favorite things about the class?

  • It felt like a yoga class that I can focus inward and the only competition I had in making sure I master the poses was with myself.
  • It was a total body workout. I can feel the soreness in my arms, core and thighs.  Please note I have been working out on a consistent strength training basis lately.
  • Planks. I was thinking a few nights ago how I should pick back up that practice. Well this class had a bunch of plank with lot’s of yummy variations.
  • The structure of the class was the right fit- warm up, something challenging (it has a name but I don’t remember), a few intervals, sprint and the cool down.
  • It’s an equinox class!

What I found challenging?

  • The class itself was challenging as it pushed new levels of strength training and breathing techniques. I have to say I absolutely love it.

Overall this was an amazing workout.  I am excited now to include this in my weekly Say It Do It schedule and to see the changes in my body.

I want to hear from you, are you struggling with the crowded gyms full of resolutioners?  Have you tried bodyArt class?