Workout Class Review: Dance Pilates

A few days ago I had Money Club at 7:30pm in Murray Hill area. I knew I wanted to schedule a class before Money Club but I had a couple of specific requirements:  cost, time and location.

I logged into  which is a service similar to Open Table but  for boutique fitness classes in the city. Go ahead and login! It’s awesome!

Needless to say I found a class that met my requirements:

  1. Cost: $10
  2. Time: 5:30-6:30pm
  3. Location: About 4 blocks away from my Money Club Meeting in a non-descriptive apartment building.

The studio is basically a basement room in this apartment building. It’s a martial arts, bootcamp, personal training facilities. There are no mirrors but a lot of workout equipment. No machines. They had lockers with their own locks, you can get a towel for $1.

The class description is “Pilates and yoga meet a dubstep dance party. This class allows students to strengthen with sass. A fun alternative to a quiet pilates or yoga class, this class takes the mundane out of mat strengthening exercises. We will take basic core, lower and upper body exercises and add the dance party twist to it. Sure to get your heart rate up and the sweat dripping while keeping a smile on your face” from

The class was composed of about 12 people and the instructor is probably a dancer. The class mainly focused on floorwork from planks, pushups, core ab work that I have done at Physique 57,  and regular leg work similar to a barre class. It was strange to take a Pilates Mat class without the hundreds.  In terms of dancing there was none of it. I think the name was based on the music choice which was Euro-techno beats.

What I enjoy about the class?

  • It was cheap and convenient
  • I can feel the upper body workout

Challenging spots about the class?

  • I am spoiled when it comes to boutique fitness  and for some reason I felt a little bit claustophobic in the mirror/windowless room
  • I did leave with a few bruises from the forearm planks.  Note to self: bring my own mat

If you are interested in taking Dance Pilates class its on Tuesday’s from 5:30-6:30pm in New Start Martial Arts in 50 Lexington Avenue, NY, NY. Class is $10, however they do have some good summer deals available.