Workout Class Review: Chaise 23

This is one hot new fun hard workout!

Chaise 23 opened a few months ago and started to gain a loyal following quickly. I started to see info about it in blogs, twitter, and friends. When a colleague shared with me how much she loved this workout. I knew I needed to try it out.


What is chaise 23? What I can describe is a mix of TRX, chair, lot’s of strengthening and toning moves. It feels like a hard barre class, meets Pilates and some other crazy moves.

Source: via P&S on Pinterest

What I love about this workout?

  • I felt the burn a couple of days later in muscles that haven’t been worked on a consistent basis
  • The studio is small which means classes are smaller and you receive individual attention
  • The chair was a humbling place that reminded me that I have very little upper body strength among other things
  • The workout was hard but in a good way
  • I sweat as if I was in a bikram class (yes the AC was on) but let’s just say it was detoxifying
  • Great central flatiron location

What are some challenging things about this workout?

  • The cost as classes would add up. I am not sure if I am willing to commit to monthly unlimited visits. I am buying a package though.
  • It takes more than a class to get used to the chair, the logistics of the moves, etc.

If you live in NYC or visiting NYC, I would encourage you checking out this awesome workout. First class is $16 :)

Chaise 23 ( 40 East 23rd Street, NY NY.  

Q: Have you tried Chaise23? If so what are your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment below!