WILD HARVEST manages to do the impossible

For the past year I have been having a Muffin problem. It started as a breakfast on the go I bought on my way to Integrative Nutrition’s Conference (oh the irony right- I am going to a granola/healthy eating conference) and what I grab was sugar/flour crack.  I thought at the time I am tired, I need something on the go and I wasn’t feeling the oatmeal and fruit anymore.

Well needless to say, the muffin became a daily treat that lasted almost a year.  If you are a close friend of mine, you would have heard about my muffin issue and how powerless I felt because I couldn’t stop it.  I tried to go back to oatmeal to no avail. I tried other breakfast options but nothing stuck through like the muffin did.


I received a package from WILD HARVEST organic with a call to make a new breakfast recipe. The package similar to Chopped included: WILD HARVEST organic Animal Crackers (freaking delicious), WILD HARVEST organic Black Beans, WILD HARVEST organic Cayenne powder, WILD HARVEST organic Ginger Powder,  WILD HARVEST organic Mango and Peach Salsa, WILD HARVEST organicPeanut Butter, WILD HARVEST organic Apple Sauce,  WILD HARVEST organic Raisins and their WILD HARVEST organic Vanilla and Cherry Granola.

Well the miracle happen!

I stopped eating the daily morning muffin because I was craving the following breakfast:


This has become my go  to morning treat that I put together in my cut 1 pint mason jar. I love it! I love how it makes me feel full and nourished  in the morning. It may not be the most original recipe yet it is a winner in my household as it finally help me break up my muffin relationship.

Disclosure: I did received 10 WILD HARVEST organic products for free as part of the Healthy Living Summit 2012 BREAKFAST SHOWDOWN. However the opinions and experiences are all of my own and were not influenced by the free products. 

I want to hear from you! Have you struggled with a muffin problem like I did?  If so how have you be able to overcome this issue?

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