Treat Yo Self: Scotch Tape Nail Art {Guest Post}

Hi All, I am super excited for this guest post. If you are like me, you have seen the nail art trend going on from blogs, tv shows and the Olympic swimming team.  When I met Anna a few weeks ago at a yoga workshop, I knew I wanted her to guest blog in Joyful Shimmy to teach us a fun yet easy DIY scotch tape nail art.  Oh and she has a weekly column at the Birchbox blog (you know my favorite!) Enjoy! xoxo LY


You don’t need artistic talent or an unusually steady hand to create eye-catching, conversation-starting nail art at home. All you need is a roll of Scotch tape and a little creativity. Of all the tricks in my nail art book, Scotch tape is by far the best way to rock stripes, triangles, zig-zags, and other fun, on-trend nail designs. DIY nail art is an accessible and affordable way to express your personality and style, so grab a couple polishes and a roll of tape, and let’s get started.

It’s best to do Scotch Tape nail art on second-day nails, but if you can’t wait a full day, give your base color at least an hour of drying time after applying the top coat. Waiting is hard, but it’s the only way to avoid pulling up the base polish when you remove the tape. Once your nails are 100% dry, it’s time to apply the tape.

Decide on your desired design, and then cut the tape to create triangles, stripes, or whatever pattern you’d like. Press the tape firmly onto your nail. Run another nail along the edge of the tape to assure a tight seal. You don’t want any polish to run underneath the tape as you paint!

Fill in the stenciled area with a contrasting shade of polish, and slowly remove the tape while the polish is still wet.

If any polish ended up on your cuticles or skin, dip a small brush like an angled eyeliner brush in nail polish remover and run it all the way around your cuticle line. This will clean up any stray color and give your nails a crisp, professional appearance.

Allow the polish to dry completely so the colors don’t smear into each other, and then finish off with a good top coat.

For my red and blue chevron-inspired design, I used China Glaze Frostbite, a bright and saturated blue, and RGB Too Red , a classic candy- apple color I’ve been wearing practically nonstop this year. I topped it off with SecheVite, a super fast-dry top coat.


Anna Norman is a Brooklyn-based writer, blogger, and nail polish aficionado with a background in network-level TV production. Her original content has been featured on sites including Refinery29 and SheKnows, and she writes a weekly column for Birchbox. Anna is a crafty DIY-er, an avid yogi, and a tireless seeker of the best lattes in New York City. Read more from her daily on her beauty and lifestyle blog Glitter, She Wrote and on Twitter @GlitterSheWrt.