Treat Yo’ Self: Me Time

I have been feeling overwhelmed! You can probably imagine why- did you read yesterday’s post?  OMG!

As I wrote my current action plan  I realized oh that’s why I am craving sleep and rest.  I know the other piece is that I’ve had 3 weeks of non-stop commitments, work,  and long hours.  I have noticed being pulled in multiple directions all at the same time can act as another way to sabotage myself.

Perhaps there are a few things that I can do for today (or maybe some other day):

  • Write down a To-Do List of all of the things that I have to do
  • Write down the things that I should be doing (aka what I obsessed about)
  • Write down the things that I can let go at least for today
  • Get honest and write down the things that I can delegate/outsource.

After meeting with Dr. A (therapist) this afternoon and going over what I am stressing, what is going on and how I am feeling.  Her assignment to me was  schedule an hour of no-work/relaxation/play/rest/do nothing everyday for the rest of the week.

Yes as you know I am no stranger to the do nothing/ play approach. Let’s be real, when my to do list feels like it can go forever therefore I skipped the doing nothing.

My commitment is to have a quiet night. I am cancelling all of the to do’s for this evening. Focusing on getting laundry done, taking a bath and really practicing easy does it. Oh yeah and perhaps write that 5 minute schpeel that I have been avoiding to do.