Treat Yo Self: Hip Hop Artist Riders

As I part of my job, I get to interact and see/work with Hip Hop artists at least once a year. As we are getting ready for another round of offers and whatnot, I sat down to look through their hospitality riders.   Well, i realized we can learn a thing or two from these riders.

  1. They make a clear list of what they want and needs. They are specific about the labels, the type of drinks and how to be served. Yup, the power of clear written communication and setting the expectation on how their needs should be met.
  2. They are not afraid to ask for the best. for instance a common request is  Moet Rose Champagne is now a must, along with Ciroc Vodka Coconut (yes the days of Crystal and Grey Goose are long gone).
  3. They continue to raise their worth and have no shame asking for more. Hey you gotta make it rain for real.
  4. They delegate all of the tedious, administrative tasks to a road manager  or manager to be in charge to make sure the towels are correct and other specific needs.

If I had a hospitality rider, I would include the following:

  1. 2 Henri Bendel’s Lavender Fields Candles
  2. Love Altar space (table with pink table cloth, heart shape post-its)
  3. 2 dozen pink roses. Rose petals must be sprinkled outside of the door and in the altar)
  4. 2 Large Seasonal Bouquets no baby breathe please!
  5. 4 Egyptian Cotton White Hand Towels only
  6. White, cozy robe
  7. Veuve Cliquot and champagne glass flutes (no plastic)
  8. Freshly Squeezed not concentrated orange juice
  9. Full Length mirror with good lighting
  10. Spread of seasonal and fun cupackes from the town I am visiting  for taste making purpose
  11. Seasonal locally grown only dinner for 6 guests (cause a girl gotta have her entourage)
  12. Pellegrino Seltzer 2 chilled and 1 bottle at room temperature
  13. Travel Accommodation: First Class airfare,  a blacked out Escalade 2012/2013 model, hotel reservations at  a Starwood hotel.. No Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn (heck I gotta  I be specific here)
  14. This is a chill zone and only positivity and affirm

Now, let’s play this game if you had a Hospitality Rider, what would you include?