Three Steps for Making Self Care a Priority, Without Overwhelming Yourself {Guest Post}

 Happy Monday! This is a special guest post by a fellow coach Stephenie Zamora.  She is currently running a 28 Days of Self-Care Challenge. As you know I am true believer that self-care really is the foundation for a life of happiness, freedom and joy. For today, I commit to take 3 workout classes, to do my morning meditation and my daily journaling reflection.

I have been in the midst of a lot of internal changes and creation that although it is exciting I have to say it’s been a bit overwhelming. I am grateful for my daily self-care practice that grounds me back into my center. xoxo Laura


Do you ever wish you could pause, take a time out or just retreat from life for a while? Maybe even a looooong while?

Sometimes when work is crazy, chores are piling up and the phone calls or emails won’t stop pouring in we have a tendency to pull back and think WAIT.

I just need one day to catch up on emails.

I just need to get through this work and I’ll be able to breathe.

I just need a vacation and then I can handle everything that’s going on.

It’s not true. You don’t need a vacation, to tackle the current load, or a day to get caught up in order to feel better. What you need is to make self care a part of your DAILY routine so you don’t get burnt out to the point that running for the hills feels like the only solution!

Three Steps for Making Self Care a Priority, Without Overwhelming Yourself

1. Start with the MOST important item.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to self care. You have to take the time to think about what’s really important for you and your life when choosing a commitment.

If you’re a creative person, you may need to draw or write every single day. If you’ve got ADD or issues with focus, it may be essential that you get your heart rate up every single morning. If you’re a mom, with three crazy kids and a husband, you might need some quiet time to yourself every single day.

Think about what would bring YOU the most peace, relaxation and energy if you did it every single day. What one thing would elevate your mood, reduce the stress and make you feel ready to tackle the day?

2. Start small.

It’s important that you don’t overwhelm yourself and add stress to your life when you start making self care a priority! That would more than defeat the purpose. :) The key is to start small.

Maybe you want to make yoga or meditation a part of your every day life… an hour each day to start would likely be overwhelming! By starting with a commitment of 5, 10 or even 15 minutes each day, you’ll begin to form the habit and reap the benefits of this practice, without overwhelming yourself.

As you adjust to this routine in your life, you’ll begin to naturally add in more self care practices or you’ll begin to extend your current one. Go with what you need, at a pace and time frame that works with your present life.

3. Stay committed, but flexible!

Again, self care is not about being strict or rigid with yourself. It’s about your health and well being! Stay committed to your daily practice, but know that sometimes things don’t go as planned and that is perfectly okay.

Some days, drawing, meditating or yoga may be the one thing that makes you feel fussy and frustrated. If you come across this day, be gentle and understanding with yourself. Take the day off of your practice and do whatever is speaking to you. Sometimes that means sitting on the couch ALL. DAY. watching reruns of your favorite show.

Self care is about listening to your needs and honoring them. If you miss a day, forgive yourself and start fresh tomorrow. If you choose to do something else, celebrate that you’ve honored your needs and commit to doing the same the following day.

Self Care is an ongoing practice!

Know that as you begin to make it a daily one, it will shift, expand and grow. This month you may need quiet time, next month you may need to be outdoors. Stay true to what’s pulling at your heart and soul. Honor it!

The more you make self care a priority, the less stress and overwhelm you’ll feel in your day to day life.

Take Action Now!

Tell me ONE THING you need to do to feel happy and healthy. It may be taking your vitamins, walking every day or something unique to your personality or talents. How will you begin to incorporate this into your daily life?

Stephenie Zamora is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, life coach and creator of the online program Foundations for Unshakable Joy™. Foundations will help you take an honest look at your life, discover what you REALLY want, then make an easy-to-implement action plan to make it happen FAST. She empowers women in their 20s and 30s to take ownership of their lives through the principles of personal responsibility in order to overcome their quarter-life crisis and live a fulfilling life.