Struggling with Sleep

Lately I have been struggling with sleep. I am going to bed at my regular time and somehow waking up at 2 or 3am. Some days I can fall easily back to sleep, while others I am up until 6am. The side effect from lack of sleep is crankyness and my food gets weird no matter what. I start to crave caffeine, sweets and other “instant” energy boost.

I know some of the triggers are stress over nothing. Things are busy but not crazy yet it allows my head to spin further just because it has space to do so. Other factors maybe that I spent the past week cat sitting at a place in the upper east side so my routine was different.  I have gone out and drank alcohol a few times last week. Most importantly, I had an IBS flare up (I know TMI- but it is one of the side effects of years of bulimia).

Source: via Kaycie on Pinterest


This was one of my birthday gifts Bendel’s Lavender Leaves Candle.

I am hoping to slowly get back in track when it comes to my sleep patterns.

I want to hear from you, what are some of your tips and tricks in ensuring that you get your recommended 6-8 hours of sleep