Spinning and Slush

When I started this venture of exercising and trying new classes I had a few personal guidelines that included: “Just try it once. If you don’t like it, you don’t ever have to do it again!”

Last Saturday, in the midst of snowstorm that was full of slush I headed up to the UES to try a spinning class. I have heard all of the raves about it and how awesome workout it is, etc. I finally gave it a try and face the fear of bicycles.

My Soul Cycle Experience

The studio is nice. They have digital locks which is always a plus. I put on the special shoes and walk to my bike.

First I struggle with the logistics on adjusting the seat,  I asked  help and getting it all fixed. Then my shoes were clipped to the bike which was great except I forgot to pick up the weights. I asked the girl next to me for help on how to get out of the bike. I tried doing the break and the unhooked and it didn’t work. So I just took off my shoes and walked to the weight station.

Once the class started I quickly realized this is not a beginners class. We started spinning away and moving from resistance, to side movements, etc. There were times in the class that I was ready to walk away but my shoes were stuck to the bike. Other times I saw it as an opportunity to meditate. Is it weird, but as I was riding in the bike my thoughts went to I really want to take a Core Fusion class. I just saw myself in the midtown studio just me and the barre.

I did get a good sweaty workout but I learned that at least for me I am not a spinning girl.

I want to hear from you, have you tried a workout that everyone loves but its just not for you?