Self-Esteem- Letter to my Younger Self

Let’s wrap this week with some much need yummy self-love! One of the areas that I have been working in therapy is overcoming low self-esteem. When the opportunity to team up with Dove Inspired Campaign to celebrate Self-Esteem weekend for young girls, I just knew this is what I needed to do as an amends to my younger self.

Self-esteem relates to the beliefs that I have about myself that are think are fact when the reality its just an opinion.

Growing up chubby in Puerto Rico, I never felt like I fit in. My body didn’t have the right curves nor my fair skin that never tanned like my friends allowed me to feel like I belong.  I hated my  tummy. I was too big. The idea that I wasn’t beautiful was fully ingrained  based on the messages I received in school and the people around me (other’s people’s parents).

As I have been searching for a few old pictures from PR, I ended up finding some of my old college pictures where i realized wow I was beautiful then. Then it hit me what if I could share that younger version of me the beauty that lived within her?


Querida Laurita (circa 1993),

I know you feel unworthy and unpretty because you think you have the wrong body. That no boy won’t like you. I know you were hurt when you 12 years old at that dance when you saw all of your friends dancing with boys and you were waiting to be asked to dance with one. You heard that boy saying “Ugh all of the good ones were taken.” You were sad and confused but I did all of these work to lose the weight.  I know its ok to cry and feel it.

But I have to share with you what Mama y Mami told you growing up is actually true. You are truly gorgeous inside and out. Your fair skin and dark hair is gorgeous. Your body will have womanly curves that will protect you and demonstrate your beauty as you step on stage. You are not just a “good one” but you are extraordinary.

There is nothing you have to do but love yourself at this very moment. There is nothing you can do but nourish, accept, dream and play at this very moment. Your beauty lies with your smile as well as your tears. Your beauty lies in the moment you say Yes to LIFE. When you step out of your head and into your body and allow others within you.

I know you are protecting yourself from getting hurt again by making sure to keep yourself small. I want to tell you that there is not need for this “extra protection.”  Trust me you are attractive, completely lovable and far from damaged goods.  I love you just as you are. I love you for everything that you are. I love you for every fear that you will walk through. I love you for everything that you will be from this point forward.

No te olvides que eres bonita!


Laura (2012)

For more information about the Dove Vive Mejor “Let’s Talk” campaign please make sure to check out these valuable information (Spanish).  Thank you Mama y Mami  for being the role models and the source of love that I needed growing up.

This is a paid sponsored post by Dove Vive Mejor “Let’s Talk” Campaign and Latina Bloggers Connect. However the opinions above are all my own.