Self-Care Tool: Vanity Board

From Mirror Affirmations to Vision Boards and everything in between I have done it all. When I heard about this idea of putting together a vanity board as a tool to learn how to love myself and practice acceptance, well I was in!

What’s a vanity board? Similar to a vision board this board is all about Me! It’s about celebrating the beauty and essence of who I am.

For my board, I picked pictures where I felt my best. Some of the pictures are recent such as from my burlesque debut, etc while others are from a few years ago. As I look at each picture I am smiling and it triggers a positive memory from my past whether it was graduation from college, traveling through Europe a decade ago. A common thread is that in these pictures were not charged with “Oh god look how skinny I am” or that I was relapsing at that moment in time. It is quite the opposite most of these pictures I was in remission, feeling good and trying to hold on to this feeling. I was engaged with life.

I took the liberty and printed out what I considered “Testimonials” from friends and strangers about me. These are positive messages, compliments that I have received over time. Some of my favorite testimonials is a compliment given to me by a Spiritual Soulmate that I am a “Spiritual Tightrope Walker” (I absolutely love it!).

I felt good doing this as my timing is perfection. I have been feeling the December blues so this is the “ultimate owning my beauty” and love myself action. It’s the reminder I needed that I am worthy of love and acceptance.