Q&A: What should I wear as I am transitioning into this new body?

At the “Stylist Night: I have nothing to wear” workshop I had the opportunity to ask the following question: “I am in the process of losing weight and overcoming feeling invisible. My question is how do I transition to clothes that fit into the new body when I literally don’t know what to wear”

She shared that this is a common issue that we face as we transition into new bodies whether due to weight loss or gained. Her suggestions included:

  • Wear fitted clothes
  • Scoop necks would look good on me and it will accentuate  the right place
  • Wear skirts as they are forgiving to my figure and it would look good
  • Avoid layers which I believe this is the hard one for me

What can I incorporate right now?

  • I have noticed that for me as I wear fitted clothes whether is leggings to the gym and a cute top. I feel good about my body. I get to see my curves and that I have a feminine body.
  • Letting go of the layers as uncomfortable as it may feel this might be the right track as I move away from acting invisible into showing who I am. I have invested on good scoop neck sweaters and other pieces that don’t require layers
  • Wearing skirts. You know what this is a super feminine and something that would look good on me. I spent a summer 6 years ago where I only wore skirts. I remember feeling good about my body back then and confident in my skin.
  • Start to wear heels as it will elongate my body.

I decided today to follow some of her suggestions. I am wearing a jersey pencil skirt, bright green cardigan (yeah I still needed a bit of layer- baby steps) and ballerina flats. I feel good about my skirt  and I have to say it is super comfortable.

Question: Have you worked with a stylist? If you have one question to ask a stylist, what would it be? 

Ohhh and I am desiring working with a stylist to go over what its in my closet as well as coming up with  ideas of what works for my body. If you have any suggestions feel free to share in the comments section!