Program Review: Ditch Your Debt!

This is a very special Money Bootcamp Edition that I am super excited to share!

A few months ago, when I started my Money Journey I started to follow Karie Hill’s work.  Karie is a Financial Freedom Coach and the best way I can describe is that she is your money savvy girlfriend.  She spoke at a couple of lectures that I attended and even made a guest appearance at my coach’s blog answering money questions.    I remember connecting with her briefly about her work and how fascinated I was around this topic.  She mentioned that she had an upcoming group program launching the next month and I knew I had to do it.

Ditch Your Debt - Karie Hill 4 Week Program

Source: Karie Hill

About the Program

  • Length: 4 Weekly Modules with a weekly Q&A phone sessions
  • Cost: $127
  • Topics included: Getting clear around your money messages,  dream life, creating a spending plan that works, gaining clarity of where your money is going, and most importantly how to tackle your debt
  • All you need is a computer/ipad and wifi.  I did most of my work in coffee shops during my time off from work

What I love about this program?

  • The weekly modules were short and sweet when it came down the information. The average time per weekly module was 25 minutes
  • She made the topics easy to follow with simple yet powerful homework/writing exercises
  • It was a fun, pleasurable experience to tackle money! I know this is crazy because this is one of those topics that I have avoided for years because numbers completely intimidated me
  • Gaining clarity of how much I owe, where my money is really going and how it is aligned to my life well this was a game changer for me and now I feel ready to really ditch my debt once and for all
  • This is not a program about restriction at all, it is quite the opposite.  It’s about aligning my money to the areas in life that I want to continue creating more growth. For instance in my case, I want to invest in good make up, new clothes, and personal growth.

From working this program, I gained…

  • I have action steps and a clear goal as to when I will become debt free once and for all
  • I realized that I am not broke, actually quite the opposite I do have abundance in my life.
  • I feel empowered when it comes to my money
  • I have a spending plan that is abundant and it feels good
  • I am learning how to manifest more money in ways I never thought it would be possible

Honestly, this was the best investment I made for myself! If you are in the swamp, drowning in your debt and not sure where to go from here. I really encourage to explore working this program. It is super affordable!

For more information about Ditch Your Debt and Karie’s work, head over to her site and get on her email list!  Word the street is that  round 2 of Ditch Your Debt starts on June 11, 2012.