Money Date Tonight!

I have an awesome night planned ahead…

  • Glass of Bubbly & Sharp Cheddar, Smoked Gouda Cheese
  • Credit Card Bills
  • and my personalized spending trends
  • Fun money songs in the background
  • Abundance candle lit on

Credit Card Bills to Pay #debtfreedom

Yup those are my personal ingredients in making a fun money date tonight. I am looking forward creating new money goals for the last quarter of the year. Identify fun spending treats, a NEW computer  goal?  Oh the possibilities!

Perhaps more of these boxes?

See once upon a time the thought of looking at my finances completely intimidated me. I had nightmares about it. I believe it was my fault  that I knew nothing about money management.  I had a problem with spending. Perhaps if I ignore my money situation, it will go away.  Yes I had to hit a few bottoms, coming to terms that I had champagne taste yet the way I was spending it was mindless and a lot of cheap stuff .  Perhaps because I have been ignoring my money, I am missing out doing the things that I would like to do because I was living in a place of not enough, lack and deprivation.

When I made the decision almost 7 months ago that I needed to get clear about my money I discovered I was not alone in this journey. I read countless of books regarding women and money. I formed a money club that will resume meeting next month. I  attended 40 something DA meetings in the span of 2 months.


I remember that I needed an extra set of tools and accountability when it came down to dealing with my debt.   The idea of facing how much I owe and then creating a step by step plan to actually pay it down and becoming debt free felt like it was an impossible dream.  Then came Karie Hill. I have written about her in the past but I have to say it was the right teacher who showed up to walk me through my debt.

I remember signing up to her Ditch your Debt program right away. I just knew that this was what I needed. The first couple of weeks it was hard to look at the numbers and see the reality. As I dug deeper, I discovered my core money issue which is mindless spending. I had more than enough to cover all of my costs including school tuition.  Heck I even had enough money to go out a few times a month something I have been depriving out of fear of not having enough.

Perhaps more of these: Cosmos and Mani’s           Source: Ellese Launer

Now I get to live a life where I make fun spending plans. I am honest about what things I am willing to pay some money and what other things I am not.

If you are deathly afraid of facing your debt, I encourage you to look at this program.  This is not a debt consolidation program or any other stuff like that. Think of it as working with your very wise, financially saavy girlfriend who would walk you through your money, help you break up with the endless abusive cycle of debt and help you design a life that is aligned with your desires.  Having money, doing and buying the things that you want matters.  It is a truly an act of self-love!

The last round of Ditch your Debt 2012  starts on September 4, 2012.  Sign up today!  Make this investment for yourself.

Disclosure: This is an affiliate link.  However, the opinions expressed here  are my own with brutal honesty. :)