Money Bootcamp: How I created 6K in 6 months?

I am happy to share that last month I paid off  school without further going into debt.  I have to admit I did what I thought it was impossible truly possible.  Through this experience I have learned a valuable lesson that I am great money manifester. Yes there maybe some woo woo meditation and money trees to create. I also had some useful practical lessons to share with you:

  • Automatic Savings Account rocks! I cannot say it enough, this is a simple easy way to set aside money for those fun and/or big expenses that one may have. The money was automatically taken out of my checking account into the various savings accounts that I have opened over time.  Let me tell you it wasn’t much. For one account, I have $25 being taken out every week. Another one is $50  and the other one $15. Let me tell you it all added up.  These meant that I didn’t spend these money on YOLO  but in the long term expenses.
  • Cash is King!  Over the past 6 months, I started to take odds and ends jobs such as serving as Teaching Assistant for a couple of workshops, help plan a clothing sale,  etc. I was able to use my skills in social media, event planning into creating short term money making opportunities.  
  • Money Dates on Regular Basis! I took the time to look at my financial statements, credit card statements, etc and I got a clear idea of what I have and what I don’t have.  From these dates, I got clear on what my goals were, what areas am I spending carelessly and it is not align with my personal vision.
  • Creating a spending plan that is not restrictive. I cut things that I was no longer using such as the expensive gym membership but it also meant that I had money to indulge in fitness boutique classes that I enjoy.  In terms of eating out, I created a do-able plan that allows me the flexibility to eat out while also saving some money.
  • I kept my goal simple on a month to month basis. My task was only to create 1k as opposed to 6k at once.  It seems more manageable to make choices based on a month to month basis as opposed to getting overwhelmed with the whole price tag.
  • I was honest about my financial situation.  Yes there were times I had to say no to going out or that I wasn’t sure that I could pay it all. However, I learned that by being honest, speaking up and asking for help really made an impact in my life. I spoke up and proposed payment plans that worked for me.  I ask for help when it was needed and then I graciously accepted it.

I want to hear from you, please share some of the tools, advice, experience that you have when it comes into creating extra money into your life or meeting a financial goal?