Money Bootcamp: Resources

I took a few days offline to nourish myself with love, abundance and acceptance.  This meant lot’s of walking around parks, NYC, and cooking fresh easy summer meals.  More on that stuff later.

It’s Wednesday, which means another fun edition of Money Bootcamp!  This week I am super excited to share some of my favorite online resources when it comes to Finance and Women.


  • (Free)  This is a safe and secure source where you can keep track of your budget, get a clear idea on where you are spending your money. It will also send you reminders about upcoming payments and any fees to avoid.
  • Check your Online Banking Feature and set up automatic payments online.

Daily Emails

  • Learn Vest. This is a great site for all things money management, tools and information. It is user-friendly!

  • Daily Worth  Great daily emails with valuable information on savings, earning, debt management. This is a cool interview with the founder Amanda Steinberg

Next week, I will share some of my favorite money books and coaches. Hope you are having an abundant day!