Money Bootcamp: Recommitment

Over the past 10 months, I have spent on and off really creating a new mindset around money. I am living from a place of abundance  and allowing more money coming into my life from different energy sources (yes they are all legal). I realized as the holidays are just around the corner this might be a great time to re-commit financially.

What does it look like?

  • I connected with a few “Date your Dollar’s” ladies for an accountability email group. We are sharing our short term/long term goals when it comes to money. This is super helpful as “holiday” unexpected expenses are a good trap to build more debt.
  • I am taking an aggressive savings approach. I have to pay myself first!
  • I am asking for help when it comes to reading my retirement statement and identifying what I need to do to get the maximum contributions, what are the questions I need to ask.
  • I am going to do a 10 day Money Makeover to really reinforce my commitment. This includes sexy money dates with my bank statements and getting a game plan for the debt freedom.
  •  I am also going to meet with a Financial Freedom Coach next month to go over a spending plan.

Gratitude for my Rock Bottom

Being 20k in debt can be a daunting mountain to climb while living paycheck to paycheck was a place that I never thought I would hit on the year that I called for abundance. What I have learned that this was the very thing that needed to happen to really shift my mind from a place of lack to a place of prosperity. Really surrendering to something bigger than me, it allowed me to listen to my intuition. I am safe. I can fuck things up and will remain safe because of this faith that I have that all my needs would be met.

This has been by far the most empowering journey I have taken. While the eating disorder was a life or death decision, the money was the conscious journey I took to break the chains of my deprivation cycle in all of my affairs. It showed me a path to inner power, self-confidence and creativity. I have let go of the “should” and move forward with what I want.