Money Bootcamp: Keep it Simple

In case you missed it because I realized the email newsletter was accidentally paused for the past couple of weeks, here are a couple of posts on what I am feeling right now- depression and the process of surrendering. Last week I spend 6 days facilitating at a leadership institute in Indiana and here are a couple of posts regarding this adventure: Money Bootcamp- Travel Spending Plan and Leadership is What you Do.

Back to regular posting schedule!


This is going to be a short and sweet post because for some reason I have been stuck in the idea that managing my financial life should be complicated, full of hoops, tasks and to do list. The reality is that it can be a simple process.  My job is to focus on taking what are the fiscally responsible actions in front of me.


This means I am paying myself on a regular basis but saving at least $60 per week. I am cutting down extra expenses such as eating out. I am finding new ways to create more income revenue streams.  It’s about taking one or two simple actions per day that will continue to draw me closer to my debt free life.

I am curious to hear, how do you keep it simple when it comes to your financial life?