Money Bootcamp: I <3 my Financial Rock Bottom (Guest Post)

I am super excited to share this powerful guest post! Mishel and I met a few months ago as we serve in Team Pleasure. Our money journey seem to parallel. I love her honesty and the courage to takes to stop debting and accept what it’s like to face our money demons. Make sure check out La Dea Vita. Enjoy! xoxo Laura

I love, love, love having hit financial rock bottom.

I’m talking about $0 in all of my accounts, maxed out credit cards, and a student loan that makes me chuckle with irony.
I am grateful that I have several options (move back in with parents, get a job, two jobs even) but ONLY ONE which I will ever consider (learn from this and experience renaissance).

Hitting financial rock bottom reminds me of my teenage years, when my poor body suffered a tumultous ride of extreme self-abuse. A daily, hourly, minutely self-sabotage fest. Overeating, undereating, drugs, alcohol, diets, & self-loathing in nearly all forms. I partied in NYC, where I was exposed to too much at too young an age (I was 13 when I hit up my first club). Though it caused much pain, I now look back to those years and I credit my street smarts to all the predicaments I had to pull myself out of. But even street smarts came with a heavy price tag.

My savior was discovering yoga at the age of 18. I took a long hard look at myself and began to ask some simple, yet powerful questions. How exactly had I gotten here? What had I done to myself?
Here I am, 10 years later, asking the same questions about my finances. I started working around the same time I started partying. Meaning… I’ve had income for 15 years! I have literally spent every. Single. Cent. And then some.

Is this not also a form of self-sabotage? Absolutely. One of the biggest, in my opinion.

Hitting financial rock bottom has allowed me to ask some important questions. It’s healed my relationship to money. It has brought me to form relationships with some pretty badass, fabulous, loving and incredible people to work with and learn from. It has established the most important education after learning to read, write & basic mathematics: financial literacy. Hitting financial rock bottom has inspired me, restored my faith, and fueled me with passion to thrive on.
Thank you for being my Sacred Witness.

MISHEL HERRERA: Founder of La Dea Vita, Goddess entrepreneur, Qoya & yoga lover, practitioner of exquisite self-care, Vitamix devotee, world traveler & a believer in dancing like no one’s watching.