Money Bootcamp: Fitness Class on a Budget

I admit it, I am a fitness class junkie.  I love how it challenges parts of my body that I never thought it would be possible, the support and energy of working out with a group and really getting a nice sweat and rush of endorphins after an hour long workout.  Let’s be clear NYC boutique fitness classes can range from a “cheap” $10 to $40 per class. Yes if you are a girl on a budget/spending plan like me these classes can add up.

I will share with you some of my favorite tips to maintain my budget while still trying out new classes:

How do I find out about these new classes?

This is actually one of my favorite hobbies is the process of discovering new workouts to try out. My how is that I do read on a regular basis blogs such as  Well & Good, Fitist,   I also love stumbling upon new studios and walking in to check it out. Some of them I have been able to sample a few free classes before investing in the service.   I ask around to friends who enjoy taking classes around the city what are some of the latest movement classes they are trying out.

For the month of July I am trying out the following classes/budget:

  • Summer Shape Up, Uplifting, Fit and Flow @ Uplift Studios (this was a Gilt City package of 5 classes for $69).
  • Candy Barre and Sweat Weatha @ Workit Out Gyms in Hoboken. They offer a 2 for 1 special at $20
  • Shrink Sessions- month long sessions are $80  for 4 classes
  • Chaise 23 Reinvention Chair class for $16
  • Stripper Strength Class with Stripxpertease  I think the punch card was $88 for 4 classes that I bought last year
  • Xtend Barre @ Rennaisance Pilates in Hoboken- first class is Free :)

Do you have any suggestions of workout’s that I should check out? Also what ways you can maintain a budget while enjoying some fun fitness classes?