Meet Joyful Shimmy’s Fairy Godmother

I have a magical life that is abundant of a fantastic tribe of uber feminine powerful women in my life. Some of them I call them my fairy godmothers, you know when you read a fairy tale and then this wise women comes in and well brings magic back to you life?

My story is not complete without Erin who is  Joyful Shimmy’s Fairy Godmother as it was her magic that provided the spark of inspiration for this site.  For the past 2 years, she has been  a mentor, coach, and leader in my life. She taught me new tools on how to break old habits, she provided me a blueprint to create a life that is beyond my wildest dreams. Honestly, she was the one who help me set up a solid foundation on how to live a life that is sane, magic and inspiring.

In this post you will get to meet Erin and learn more about Magical Manifester’s Digital Program that starts in a couple of weeks.


So tell us a little bit about yourself… Today, I would say I am a coach, a teacher and a creator of all things inspiring and playful. I would say that if it sounds fun, I am there.

I spent years dancing with touring companies, and then acting and appearing on television and stage. Then I got into teaching fitness and creating personal development coaching programs. I have always been a seeker, a student, a discoverer.

What inspired you to put together Magical Manifesters? The first iteration of this course began over 4 years ago as an experiment in all honesty. I wanted to gather a group of people together to see what happens when, as a collective, we allowed ourselves to dream, created a plan for those dreams and then had the accountability to keep moving. I served as the mentor or coach who would hold the space for people and help them get more specific, clearer. I had a knack for calling people out when I didn’t think those dreams were truly inline with their hearts desires. I also had a great way of uncovering the fears and challenges that held people back.

So really, we experimented. Played. Tried things. After 4 years, it became clear that there were certain roadblocks that people fell into when moving towards their goals. From an internal perspective, I noticed there had to be an utter sense of confidence that IT was going to happen. From a more practical standpoint, I noticed that people have difficulties breaking down tasks and projects and actually scheduling them. I don’t really like to call this time management; I think it is more personal management. Either way, that always seems to be a big challenge for people.  So I wanted to come up with a creative, manageable way to do this, because every time I tried to tackle time management I failed. This approach is way more fun :-)

What sets this program apart from any other goal setting program? Laws of Attraction stuff? I think the law of attraction can be a tricky subject. Somehow, when I hear it, I always feel like it implies just BE abundant and ABUNDANCE comes to you.

I just don’t think that is how it works. I think yes, you have to get in alignment emotionally with what you want, but taking ACTION does a great deal for your manifesting. First, it is a way of demonstrating to Life, the Universe that you ARE really committed to that which you desire. I like to think of taking ACTION as an offering. Secondly, the more ACTION you take, the more confidence you become. I wish it wasn’t always like this. I wish we could say we are born with a shit ton of confidence to achieve all the dreams we want. But more often than not, it’s not the case. So actually taking ACTION is the very thing that builds confidence. It is when you have the utter confidence in yourself and in your dreams that the “law of attraction” begins to work.

So to answer your question, this is different than other goal setting courses, because it starts with big, playful dreaming stuff. And we stay there for a while so you can feel it, see it, and taste it. Then we slowly start to move you into action. Small little baby actions steps, so that you can build confidence in your dreams.

What are some of the perks of taking part of the online program? The perks: You can do it at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. This is huge for people with busy schedules.  There is a private Facebook group as well as on online forum connected to the members program. I am in both of those regularly. You not only direct access to me and my coaching, but direct access to people all over the word who have INCREDIBLE wisdom to offer. The community is really outstanding.  I find the advice THEY give each other to be profound. Truly profound. I also think, feeling supported by people you don’t necessarily know well, it a huge confidence builder. It’s like they see something your immediate friends don’t always pick up on.

Can you share a quick brag/gratitude and excitement? I brag that I am kicking ass on my list of to do’s today. I am grateful to be home in Chicago, visiting my family and getting extra snuggle time with my niece and nephew. I am excited about taking a whole new group of manifesters through the program!

Favorite Affirmation: I am deeply grateful for where I am and I am open and ready to be a vessel of more beauty.

My definition of self-love is Forgiving yourself for every single mistake you have ever made. Every single one.

My go to self-care/ pick me up tool/activity is: Morning pages,  a long walk or some sort of a movement class, whether it is yoga, or more intense like Shrink Session.

Thanks for this wonderful interview, Laura! You are such a shiny star :)  I hope to meet some of your peeps in the course!

Erin Stutland is life coach, mentor and fitness pro. In addition to Magical Manifesters, she is the creator of the conditioning work out, Shrink Session: Tighten Your Body, Rewire Your Mind. The class uses affirmations, cardio-dance and yoga to uplift every part of you, from your spirit to your booty. You can download her free workout here: