Lessons from Shrink Sessions


This month is my 2 year anniversary of Shrink Sessions! It’s amazing how quickly time has passed by and yet so much has changed.

When i stumbled upon Shrink Sessions a couple of years ago, I found a postcard that said along the lines that this workout can change your life. I was curious to see what it was like to workout and do some writing exercises. At the time it was geared towards artists and other creative professionals, which I didn’t think I could fit in. I remember I stuck it through my first workout and I knew I was hooked.

What I love about this workout?

1. Over time it has changed and gotten more and more challenging but no matter what without fail I always feel better after class.  The workout consist of the following: the first 45 minutes of the class are focused on cardio, kickboxing, dance and short HIIT. Each move has an affirmation attached to the month’s theme. For the last 15 minutes we move into the lower body series which is slow moving meditation.

2. Community that I get to be part of through this class. We share gratitudes and things that we are excited over email on a daily basis. We hold space for each other. I have made lifelong friendships by coming in every Wednesday. These are my peeps who have lifted me up when I have been down, inspired me to follow my dreams.

3. Erin’s leadership. She is a tough fitness instructor who would challenge me to go further. In my personal journey, she has been a mentor and role model. Her vulnerability that she shares in class allows me to be more vulnerable in my own life.

How my life has changed since I started Shrink Sessions?

1. Through my regular practice of Shrink Sessions, I have incorporated a new positive affirmations into my brain. I have a choice of what thoughts do I want to engage with whether they are positive or negative. For today, thoughts such as what I seek is seeking me, I am the master of my fate, what it used to be hard it is now easy to do. Trust me these thoughts tend to come at the perfect moment of doubt.

2. I started to listen to my intuition. Somehow through regular movement, I started to get a more clear communication with my intuitive thoughts.

3. My exercise practice moved beyond a sporadic once in a blue moon I want to lose weight fast phase into a consistent practice. Yes they may be weeks that Shrink is the only thing I do but to be honest those weeks are slowly becoming far and few in between.

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My Q to you, do have a go to workout that has changed your life? What is your current relationship with exercise?