Lessons from Magic Mike

Taking a quick break of Money Bootcamp this week to chat a little bit about this fantastic summer movie. 😉

If you have followed my journey from the convent to stage, you know I am not shy about the idea of stripping, burlesque and even pole dancing. I am grateful for the gift that provided me in allowing me to explore areas of my life that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. Getting on stage a year ago in front of friends and strangers was by far one of those awesome peak experiences in my life.  I continue to take on and off stripping classes, even done assistant work for my mentor Kitty Cavalier and well slowly inviting my alter ego to continue to shine through.

Source: imdb.com via Jean on Pinterest


When I heard this movie was coming out, I knew I needed to see it. It was everything that you expected, hot men stripping, lot’s of laughter, a little dark side, shaving/self-tanner, and more stripping.  It was the perfect girl night out movie to watch. I laughed. I thoroughly enjoyed objectifying men. Boy it was a good movie!

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A few fun highlights from the movie:

1. Matthew McConeghy being himself. From the southern twang to him teaching the kid in booty shorts how to strip.

2. Channig Tatum’s hmm derriere- lovely sight

3. I laughed throughout the movie.

4. I learned that it was actually fun to objectify men.  I know this might be a tad controversial but so true

5. Plot in this movie was irrelevant.