It’s my Birthday!

Yup I am a year older and probably wiser.

I have to say my 30s really continue to rock. As I look back, this past year I’ve had amazing internal shifts and I have let go of old patterns and belief system. As you know it hasn’t been easy but I am grateful that with each bottom, I continue to move closer to a life that is full and abundant.

Source: via Ruth on Pinterest


Here are my intentions for this coming year:

  • Facing new fears such as what it would be like to be stronger and fit in my body. What it would be like to experience positive attention?
  • I look forward trying out new experiences such as Zipline, new classes, etc.
  • On the responsible side I look forward replenishing my savings and paying down two credit cards down!
  • Most importantly becoming open to the possibilities that are coming my way!