It’s March! Spring is around the corner

I know the end of February proved to be a time of personal growth and releasing old stories.  It’s been an opportunity to witness creation and birth of projects that I never thought it would be possible.  There are major stuff happening in the HORIZON!  

Here is a sneak preview:

  • Beauty and Personal Style. Yes the inner work is a never ending process but I am ready to have fun with the outer appearance work. I am putting together a fabulous glam squad and gurus that are teaching me all about makeup, personal style, clothing, and other fun areas.
  • Movement and Healthy Living. This includes cooking more meals at home, making sure I go the gym.
  • Love. Let’s just say I am learning lots of beautiful pearls of wisdom in Inner Circle, from friends who have done the work and have manifested stable, loving romantic relationships.
  • Bucket List Adventures.  Let’s just say what is for me cannot pass me, what is meant for me will arrive in this area. #ShrinkSessions I have an idea what March adventure is going to look like but nothing is concrete.
  • Money, money, money.  I am tackling this fear/issue head on. From forming a  money club in NYC to working with financial advisors I want to learn more about taking ownership of my wealth, how to create more as well as pay down my debts.
  • Entrepreneurship. Building my Joyful Shimmy/Laura Yamin business & brand as a place for women to not only fall madly in love with themselves but also to create a life that is beyond their wildest dreams by aligning their actions to their passion and purpose.  There will be blog posts and Q & A on these issues.  I am also opening up 3 Sparkling Coaching spots this month.  I am putting together monthly gatherings on various topics which leads me to the following event:

 How to get what I want? The Art of Manifesting Abundance

Want to create more money? Fall in love this year? Design a life that is beyond your wildest dreams. This is an    interactive workshop where you will learn more about the art of manifestation (we are going beyond the Secret into action) and how you can apply it into your daily life. 

March 24, 2012 from 3-5pm in Simple Studios (134 W29th Street, NY NY 10001)

$21 * space is limited! Sign Up Here!