Is my story even valid?

As I am preparing to head to Baltimore tomorrow to do my Ignite Fitness speech.  I have to admit my head space has been far from loving and supportive.

I mentioned my struggled getting the slides done on time as I avoided the task. Now the space is being filled with this question: Do I really have something useful to share? Is it even a valid 5 minute share? Heck do you want to read this running commentary I have going on in my head? But wait, I am not skinny enough (actually I don’t have the right body) to prove that I love my body.  Oh hello distorted old messages. Thank you for visiting old demons.  We are going to have a fun time right here.


First off, I am grateful for Dr. A who was able to remind me that I do struggle with the idea of success in my life.  Living in chaos and constantly feeling down is a normal state of mind for me. My job is to learn how to experience happiness, peace, serenity and joy in my life. Yes it feels uncomfortable but its ok.

I can listen and share my old distorted messages and be reminded that its not my reality for today.  I will speak my truth whether I think its valid or not.  Chances are no matter what every time I shed light in my story I heal another old wound.