“I can’t afford it” is a bulls**t excuse

Over the past few months I have embarked on a serious soul searching process. The intention this time around is connect with my why and to answer questions such as who am i?, how can I live a purpose driven life?. I am no longer living in a place of basic survival, I now get to live my birthright of living life to the fullest. Like any other experience in my life, once I make the commitment I will take it seriously and put forth my strength, discipline, willingness to be open and ask for help. This time around I followed my intuition which led me sign up to Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts and Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

This has meant investing on myself and my personal growth. As someone, who has lived off survival mode which for me means living in a state of deprivation the thought of investing money on myself is a challenging task. Here I am truly taking a leap of faith, committing to invest in my true desires. I will be honest, when I first committed to do the two things I freaked out on how much money it will be and how am I going to find it.

One lesson I learned through Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts is that if its in your hearts desires you will make it happen. Let me tell you the money showed up as I needed. I felt that the universe was working for me and guiding me along the way. Here is the lesson for me is that when things are in my path they will show up at the right timing- no sooner, no later just at the perfect time.

I finally realized that “I can’t afford it” is just another excuse for me to live small. It’s another way for me to continue perpetuating a life of survival. I tend to use this excuse on the things that I really want to do, that its in my heart desires such as investing in a great gym, physical therapy, personal development classes. It’s a way for fear to creep in and just say nope can’t afford it therefore I can’t do it. But if my heart truly desires this experience and I move past through this old belief then I get to see the miracles of the Universe supporting me all the way through. I guess from this point on, “I can’t afford it” its no longer an acceptable excuse for me.