Honoring Anger

This is a tough time of the year, not just with the holidays and the cold winter weather. December is one of those months where I go through a period of grief, anger, and sadness. Again, I really get to feel anger in full force.

Anger is not a brand new emotion. I have been feeling it pretty much most of my life. The only difference in the past is that I have done everything in my power to avoid it. It’s not a pretty emotion yet it is by far one of the most powerful. Being in it means that I get to release it, yet it requires patience and tolerance. Patience because i can’t just have one temper tantrum and it would all be gone in a day. It’s a process, it’s like a wave that takes a while to pass but it will just not right away.

A huge commitment this month is honoring these feeling of anger. Allowing it to pass through my system and that my job is not to avoid it, or fix it. Just honor it. Accept that I am angry and that this too shall pass. My job is to practice full on self-care, to do things that I will be calming and soothing.

I may not be meditating on a daily basis. It may mean taking a workout kick boxing class because I need to release it. It may mean sitting still and enjoy the company of intimate relationships in my life as opposed to be in the midst of large groups and parties.  Most importantly, its an opportunity to practice self-awareness and reflection and allow the process to unfold.

Affirmations have been key throughout these days. I get angry of all the things I am missing and need to be happy. Yet when I am ready to listen to my intuition- her gentle guidance just says “There is nothing missing, it’s all right here.”

This year brought me to a practice of setting intentions, to choose what my thoughts can be to make this experience go through in a place of love as opposed to denial. I am grateful to be surrounded by loving guides in my life.