Meet Catherine from Fit Armadillo

Today’s Monday Interview I have Catherine from Fit Armadillo. We became FB friends a few months ago and it’s been joy seeing her grow her business from a brick and mortar space to an online business.

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Fit ArmadilloMy name is Catherine and I’m the owner of the Fit Armadillo, the fitness company that lets you enjoy workouts at your place and your pace.

After working in every type of gym imaginable (YMCA, private gyms, women-only facilities) in every roll imaginable (front desk all the way up to wellness center director), I wanted to find a way to reach the members that most needed and wanted help starting a fitness routine, but weren’t finding the support they needed at the gym. I created Fit Armadillo to work with these beginning exercisers and help them learn how to work out from the comfort of their homes.

My clients are moms, entrepreneurs, teachers (I have a soft spot for them because in between my first gym gig and creating my business I earned my Master’s in Education and taught science for three years-but that’s another story for another day!), and business professionals who need workouts they can complete anywhere with a minimal time commitment. Most of them are taking the brave step of starting a fitness routine for the first time in their adult lives. I love guiding them on this journey and helping them uncover the bonus benefits of exercise. Most clients reach out to me with a goal to lose weight and are pleasantly surprised when they find that exercising impacts their lives from the inside out making them more productive and positive family members, friends, and coworkers.


What inspired you to be a personal trainer? 
I have a confession to make-I hated gym class when I was a kid.   My kindergarten self would have run away from home if you told me I’d grow up to be a personal trainer. I didn’t start enjoying fitness until I joined the cross-country team in middle school.  I developed a real passion for running and have since competed in distances from the 3000m to the marathon.

In college I started taking some fitness classes with friends.  I loved them!  This was when I really decided I wanted to be a personal trainer, because I had found all of these alternatives to the gym class way of exercising that I had despised while growing up. I loved how I felt when I worked out and always tried to bring friends along to my favorite classes or help them start a running routine.  I even thought about switching my major from Biology to Kinesiology, but my parents warned that this would severely limit my career options.  They wondered what I would do with that degree besides becoming a gym teacher. That was enough to scare me away!  Luckily, in the spring of my senior year, my school offered a study group for the personal training exam. I ended up signing up and the rest is history! I took more and more certifications and began working in fitness part time as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor as soon as I graduated.

What advice would you give to women who crave living a richer/full life?
My best advice comes from a quote that helped me get to where I am today: Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas A. Edison. The fitness business is not easy.

When I got my start, it seemed like I would never get my first client.  My dad stressed that it’s a tough gig and I should have a backup plan. In fact, it seemed like everything and everyone was telling me to quit.  Then one of my coworkers posted that Edison quote on the chalkboard at the gym and I thought “I’ve got this! My next client could be joining the gym right now. I can’t give up!” Needless to say I did get my first client at that gym and any time I’ve felt things were moving too slowly in my business, I’ve thought of that quote. So my advice to you is to remember Thomas Edison! Dare to dream big and keep taking steps to get there because you may be one small step from making your dream a reality!


Once you get rid of any negative self talk by reminding yourself that you could be one step away from greatness, you should also make sure to surround yourself with positive people who believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself. My husband is this person for me.  When I wanted to start my own business, I was afraid because of the financial stress it would place on our new marriage.  However, he was the one that pushed me to give it a try and has helped see me through where I am today.  When I told him I wanted to bring my business online and everyone else questioned me, he was there asking me what I thought I needed to do to make it a reality.  I’m one lucky lady! Your support group might be your spouse, a great friend, an online support group, or a life coach, but make sure you find someone. You can definitely be successful at making your passion your career. However, sometimes you need a cheerleader to remind you how great you are and to enjoy the fruits of your labor when you get there!

What are your go to self-care tools and experiences that restores you to your best self?
Even though I’m a trainer and fitness instructor, I don’t teach Yoga. I’m just not that flexible!  I actually HATED it the first time my friend had me take her class and sometimes still wonder if Yoga instructors are real people or super stretchy aliens.  However, over the past year I’ve started practicing Yoga regularly and it’s really helped me gain perspective and take care of myself.  I also love a good bubble bath to relax and time at the beach.  Something about that sun on my skin and the smell of the ocean really makes me feel at peace.

What inspires you to continue living a life you love each day? 
I’m very passionate about the benefits of exercise and I love sharing my knowledge with others each and every day. However, the biggest inspiration I get comes from my clients. Every time a client accomplishes a new goal, runs a first 5K race, starts to enjoy exercising and eating healthy, or fits into her skinny jeans again, I am so proud and I can’t wait to help someone else.

Awesome! What should I do if I have a fitness related goal this year?
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