Bucket List Adventure: 5k Run

On a snowy, wet Saturday morning, I woke up and took the train to the city to run my first race.  I finally did it!  I ran a 5k on February 11, 2012 in Hudson River Park.

Here is a random backstory, a year ago I signed up to run this race but well life had other plans as I was stuck on the train with a serial killer on the run.  Then my ankle started to bother me again, which lead me to the discovery that it was broken and I needed physical therapy. Well as you know my running plans went on hold.

Back to the race,  I signed up a few weeks ago. I started to “train” for a few weeks but to be honest I am not big on the treadmill so I spent most of my time in the ellyptical and the weeks prior to the race I was sick and burned out.  I figure hey its only 3.1 miles totally do-able for a girl who can withstand 90 minutes of cardio jumping around classes. My goal at the end of the day was to complete the race nothing more.

What did I eat before the race? A bagel with irish butter (sorry no pics) and a small coffee.


  • I completed the race in 42 minutes. I spent 1/2 of the race walking it through and at the end I was able to find my own running pace
  • I was able to do this with a two awesome ladies!
  • We got a free t-shirt and a bag
  • Despite the cold, snowy, wet weather overall it was a fun thing to do.
  • I did it with two awesome KICKASS ladies who celebrated this moment and reminded me not to give up or stop
  • Spectators are totally necessary for races as they boost the energy and motivation. MUST LOOK for spectator opportunities in the city…


  • It took me a while to get acclimated to the whole running thing
  • My ankle started to bother me at mile 2
  • I really didn’t feel it.  It wasn’t something that I felt pleasurable to do.

What I learned from running a 5k?

Perhaps running might be in my future as a hobby to pick up. However for today, it is not a pleasurable movement activity.

I think  I am going to stick to more strength training, group fitness classes and perhaps start working with a personal trainer (starting to conjure that one and the funds to allocate that expense).

This race is part of my yearlong commitment to tackle my bucket list. For January 2012 I took on the polar plunge in Coney Island. March’s Bold Move: Crossfit . If you have any fun suggestions for potential adventures, please post a comment or email me at laura@joyfulshimmy.com