Breakdown and Breakthroughs

If you haven’t noticed, I burned out this past couple of months.  It was bad enough that I ended up depressed which is not much fun.

As I took the time to explore the why’s this happened? I lost my focus  and alignment into what matters and I allowed my ego and self-will to take the rein’s of my life.  Well like any other experience, I found myself in a “bottom” on the brink of a relapse.  I have a choice to dig deeper or to stop digging and surrender.

I am happy to share that I chose to stop digging, surrender and take humble honest actions. In my case this meant, letting go of another “self-improvement” opportunity, taking a step back on figuring out the ideal business plan,  stopped focusing on how to create more money to pay all of the my bills.  Honestly, I needed to stopped doing the things that I thought I needed to do to be successful.  Basically the same trap I lived for 26 years when it came to my weight, I needed to stopped dieting, purging, taking adipex, laxatives, restrict, binge, in order to be restored to sanity.

I met with my coach a few weeks ago, as I completely broke down and allow my ego to speak out the thoughts that were racing through my head. I had a tough childhood, I am bulimic, I am scared of purging, I am not good enough, I would never be good enough, I am all alone, I am supposed to have a small life and hide, who am I to think otherwise.  The spiral continue to go down. As to which my coach, listened and then shared what if you did nothing. What if you surrender? What is you just fall back into the “net” and allow for things to happen?

From that point, I decided to give myself a break on figuring out who I am, what my services are, how I am going to live up this divine purpose. I gave myself permission to only focus on the things that brings me joy, that are fun, that nourishes my soul.

As you can see there are some changes in the blog as this is a venue that inspires me  and allows me to play.

  • Monday’s:  Stories and Life stuff
  • Tuesday’s:  Workout Class Reviews. I left Equinox a few months ago, and let’s just say I am having a blast trying out new classes :)
  • Wednesday’s: Money Bootcamp- because the money journey is still going on!
  • Thursday’s: Treat Yo Self!
  • Friday’s: Journey to Self-Love (Guest Posts from friends and readers!)





I have some AWESOME giveaways coming up! But most importantly,  I am lining up quality content to share with you.

Thank you for holding space in my own journey and inspiring me each and every day to just have fun and be silly!

Love you all!