Blends: HLS and Fitbloggin’ Edition

Over the past couple of months, I attended a couple of great blogging conference. For today, I want to share with you some of my favorite new blends (blog friends) sites.

Healthy Living Summit

  • – Vegan, 1/2 marathon runner who is funny, smart and keeps it real.
  • – NYC mom of two who is balancing work, training for a marathon and being a wife/mom
  • Semi-sweet online – A practical guide for Healthy Living. Sarah provides you tips that are easy to follow but can make a huge impact in our life.
  • Bendiful My roommie at HLS. Renee writes about creatively live life with a purpose. From parenting, healthy living, fashion and running. Renee is awesome!
  • Finish your Broccoli – Juliette writes recipes that makes healthy living easy in NYC
  • Healthy Hoboken Girl – Fellow neighbor who writes awesome health tips and recipes.
  • Healthy Living Blogs – This is a great directory as well as a fun spot to learn all about Healthy Living Blogs
  • Run to the Finish – Amanda is awesome, sweet and really inspiring. She holds challenges which I definitely encourage you to check them out.



  • Grow Soul Beautiful – Beautiful site that combines yoga, creative endeavors, and photography. “Your body is a work of art”
  • Click. the Good News – Beautiful photography, travel, wine, running. Amanda is AWESOME!
  • Double Chin Diary – She was my first Fitbloggin friend as we decorated our name badges.  She is AWESOME!
  • Bex Life – “Big Blogger alert” yet she was really nice.  She has videos and other useful tools :)
  • Mrs Fatass-  One girls journey from fatass to fabulous. She is a Zumba instrutor, inspiring blogger.
  • – Zumba/Burlesque who writes an exploration of a life out of control and the struggle to reign it all back in.
  • Coffee Cake and Cardio – Ashley is DC blogger who writes about life and fitness blog
  • Am I there yet?  – Fellow cupcake lover blogger who chronicles a training trifecta
  • Hit the Road Jane– A Latina takes on Running and Healthy Living
  • Fit Approach ladies – Have you heard about #sweatpink  these ladies are awesome. They did a great presentation about community in the blogging world
  • Skinny Emmie – Weight loss blogger.  She loves fashion and is a social media marketing maven :)
  • Mommy Run Fast – Recipes and purposeful running/training.

And so many more sites to check out so I will continue to sprinkle a few shout outs here and there!

Q for you! Do you have any sites that you enjoy reading? Leave a comment with the link for me and my readers to check it out!