Beauty Review: Eco-Emi November Box

I have blogged my love for Birchbox. I love the idea of receiving a few samples per month for me to try on for a small cost. I researched for other companies that can provide similar services and Eco-Emi sparked my interest.

Eco-Emi is service that sends you non-toxic products that haven’t been tested by animals. It’s a service to introduce you to organic, natural and eco-friendly products. They are not limited to beauty products.

This box cost $15 as opposed to Birchbox $10 fee. However, I received a total of 10 products some of which were full size.In addition, I received discount codes for various products.

Let’s see what I got:

  • Ooh La La Organic Lip Shimmer by Keep Pure and Simple: It has a hint of mint. It gives my lips moisture in this weather. This was a full size product.
  • Sunlight Eye Shadow by Earth’s Beauty: This is the perfect ohmph for the holiday. I dabbed a little in my inner lid like I was told to highlight the shape of my eyes. It looks good. This was a full size eyeshadow.
  • Candy Mint Foot Cream by Deep Streep & Royal Lab: This is a sample and I haven’t used.
  • Refine Face Mast by Blissoma: A clay mast that is supposed to smooth, detoxify and even out my skin tone. I am planning to try it out this weekend. This was a sample size enough for one use.
  • Dark Chocolate by Sweet Riot: It was delicious. It had cacao nibs, raisins. It was the perfect combination and a great healthy “vegan, glutten-free, dairy-free” snack that is low in sugar.
  • Wild Mint Shampoo and Conditioner by Organic Excellence. I like that they sent the duo sample. I haven’t tried it so we’ll see. I am always weary about using organic shampoo and conditioners as it tends to leave my hair dry. In the letter, it says that its supposed to balance my  ph, moisturize my hair, stimulate growth, and protect against ultra-violet rays and air pollution. We’ll see. The veredict is still on this product until I try it. This was a sample size.
  • Vanilla and Sweet Orange Essential Mist by Hugo. I loved this product. The smell is subtle and not overpowering. It’s just perfect. Large size sample
  • Shea Butter Cream by Planet Botanicals in Lavender. This has been the perfect handcream. I love lavender smell as it soothes and relaxes me. It definitely hydrates my dry skin due to the cold weather.
  • Buttons from Soul Flower- Eh. However it does include a 20% discount in their products.

Overall this was a fun investment. I am going to keep this service until the New Year’s. I like that it provides me with a variety of products to sample that are on the “green” side.  It gives me an opportunity to try it on.

Question, when it comes to beauty products do you look for toxic-free/green/organic products? Or are you like me who is comfortable with products that do have toxic stuff?