254- Back from Hiatus

Between the holidays, going home to PR, etc, I had an unexpected 2 week hiatus from working out regularly. I didn’t realized how much I missed it until the January 1 IntenSati Workshop with Patricia Moreno.  It was a challenging yet blissful 3 hour experience with a challenging routine, meditation and more affirmations.

Once, the endorphins were back in my system I have been hooked ever since.  I have been working out again on a consistent basis, taking classes that I do enjoy such as Erin’s IntenSati class, Kristi’s 30/60/90  in which my ass was kicked.

I am starting to take on some out of my comfort zone classes such as Anti-Gravity Yoga. I even signed up to run the Cupid’s Chase 5K on February 12, 2011.  I am back on track.