10 Things I love about myself!

Happy Monday! I hope you are enjoying the crisp fall air.  I know I am.

I am wearing a cute outfit today.  Here are my shoes and red pants! I am really loving the color pants trend. I think I might invest in green pants too.  I feel stylish.

About the speech

I attended Fitbloggin on Friday for the day. I have to say I regret not staying the whole conference. My experience at Fitbloggin were very different from Healthy Living Summit. It was a different crowd  and it was friendlier and less cliquish. I also noticed there was a diverseity in terms of age, socio-economic and body size diversity.  Yes it was more expensive than Healthy Living Summit yet it is a 3 day conference with many workouts and sponsor opportunities.

The speech went really well.  5 minutes sure flew by in no time!  I can’t wait to share the video with you.

10 Things I love about myself!

1. I am AWESOME!

2. My eyes. It is one of my favorite feature. I really have a pretty face and heck no I don’t need to lost weight to acknowledge that.

3.  I have been able to call in HEALTHY, loving, powerful relationships in my life. I have friends who have been supporting me as I struggle with feeling the feelings.  They inspired me to continue growing.

4.  I can manifest anything that I want. I can call in the right tools, experience and people into my life that continues to enrich it. YES I am that powerful and so can you.

5. I know how to have fun!

6.  I love my curves.

7.  I am a fabulous and brilliant flirt.  Thank you Kitty Cavalier for the how to 😉

8.  I am not afraid of speaking in public

9. I am adventurous

10. I am an extrovert yet I love going inside and spend time introspective.

Q. How about you? What are some of the things that you like about yourself for today?